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The Examiner
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The examiner: or, remarks upon papers and occurrences, Vol. , pp .
Dublin, Carter, Cornelius Tompson, Daniel, 1712.


The Examiners were printed weekly, starting on 3 August 1710. Swift’s first contribution was on 2 November 1710 and the last 14 June 1711. They were then reprinted in Dublin. More analysis of the relations between Tompson and Carter is needed. The aim was to reprint the London edition. Swift’s first essay is here number 14, number 13 being an essay in defence of the principle of non-resistance, written by Atterbury. But when the essays were collected, the controversial Atterbury essay was omitted, and Swift’s first essay became number 13 – a source of potential confusion for Swiftians. Swift doesn’t seem to have revised these essays until publication of the 1738 Works.

Daniel Tompson (fl. 1710-15) was a printer and a bookseller. He was also involved in a reprint of A Preface to the B-p of S-r-m’s Introduction and may have been a Jacobite. Cornelius Carter (fl. 1696-1727) seems to have had sympathies similar to Tompson’s, being in trouble with the authorities quite often. He is one of the worst printers I have ever come across.

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