Abbreviated title
The publick spirit of the Whigs
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CUL, Ddd.25.144(10)
Publisher and Printer
The publick spirit of the Whigs, set forth in their generous encouragement of the author of the crisis. According to the First Original Copy., Vol. , pp .
London, Cole, T., 1714.


This is a mysterious edition because no one knows who ‘T. Cole’ is. Probably there was no T. Cole, and the publishers of this uncensored version of The Publick Spirit of the Whigs simply wished to disguise their identity. The text reprints the first edition text, though there is more variation in capitals, italics, spelling, and punctuation than in an uncensored ‘fourth edition’ put out by Morphew, presumably around the same time – whenever that was

The original response to Steele’s The Crisis, had been a quarto pamphlet, but this edition is in the cheaper, octavo format. The typography is essentially that of the first edition, and the printing is still expressive of the work’s engagement in detailed controversial exchange.

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