Abbreviated title
Drapier's Letters IVb, An extract out of a book
JSA Identification Number
Teerink/Scouten Number
ESTC Number
Copy and its Location
CUL, Microfilm 9886A, Hib.3.730.1 (16)
Publisher and Printer
An extract out of a book, entituled, An exact collection of the debates of the House of Commons held at Westminster, October 21, 1680, Vol. , pp 150.
Dublin, , 1724.


A small sheet of paper, distributed free. The context is given in Faulkner’s edition of the Works (1735).

References: The Prose Writings of Jonathan Swift, ed. Herbert Davis and others, 16 vols. (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1939-74), vol. x, pp. 73, 213; Irvin Ehrenpreis, Swift: The Man, His Works, and the Age, 3 vols. (London: Methuen, 1962-83), vol. iii, p. 292.