The following Piece was published in the Year 1733; and, as it may be useful upon a like Occasion, we think proper to insert it here.

ADVICE to the Freemen of the City of Dublin, in the Choice of a Member to represent them in Parliament.

THOSE few Writers, who, since the Death of Alderman Burton, have employed their Pens in giving Advice to our Citizens, how they should proceed in electing a new Representative for the next Sessions, having laid aside their Pens; I have Reason to hope, that all true Lovers of their Country in general, and particularly of those who have any Regard for the Privileges and Liberties of this great and ancient City, will think a second, and a third Time, before they come to a final Determination upon what Person they resolve to fix their Choice.

I am told, there are only two Persons who set up for Candidates; one is the present a Lord