[i] THE Publisher's PREFACE.

H AVING received great Encouragement from both Kingdoms; and especially from this, to publish a compleat and correct Edition in four Volumes, of the Works supposed to be written by the Reverend Dr. S. D. S. P. D. we desire Leave to inform the Readers how we have proceeded in this Affair. We do not find, that the supposed Author did ever put his Name to above two Compositions, which were both writ in Prose; the former is a Letter to the Lord Treasurer Oxford, upon a Proposal for correcting and ascertaining the English Language; the other is a Letter upon a different Subject to the Lord Chancellor Middleton, which was never printed before; but we found the Name subscribed at Length in the original Manuscript. This Way of proceeding in the Author, hath put us under the Necessity of complying with the general Opinion, which hath fixed certain Writings both in Verse and Prose upon him, whether truly or no we shall not presume to determine; for, we are assured he never directly owned to his nearest