Mr. B‚--sw--‚ Serjeant at Law, and Member of Parliament, a professed Enemy to the Clergy, having been reflected on by the Dean, in a humorous Poem, intitled, Brother Protestants, &c. and thinking himself highly injured thereby, resolved to be revenged on Dr. Swift, as the Author of the said Poem. Whit this Design he engaged his Footman and two Ruffians to attend him, in order to secure the Dean wherever they met him, until he had gratified his Resentment either by maiming or stabbing him. Accordingly he went directly to the Deanery, and hearing the Dean was at a Friend's House * The Rev. Mr. John Worrall's in Big Ship-Street. , followed him thither, charged him with writing the said Verses, but had not Courage to put his bloody Design into Execution. However, as he had the Assurance to relate this Affair to Vol. X. Y