253 OF MEAN and GREAT FIGURES, made by several Persons.

Of those who have made Great Figures in some particular Action, or Circumstance of their Lives.

A Lexander the Great, after his victory, [at the Streights of Mount Taurus] when he entered the tent where the Queen and the Princesses of Persia fell at his feet.

Socrates, the whole last day of his life, and particularly from the time he took the poison to the moment he expired.

Cicero, when he was recalled from his banishment; the people, through every place he passed, meeting him with shouts of joy and congratulation, and all Rome coming out to receive him.

Regulus, when he went out of Rome attended by his friends to the gates, and returned to Carthage according to his word of honour, although he knew he must be put to a cruel death, for advising the Romans to pursue their war with that common-wealth.

Scipio, the Elder, when he dismissed a beau-tiful