148 PREDICTIONS for the Year 1708. Where in the Month, and Day of the Month, are set down, the Persons named, and the great Actions and Events of next Year particularly related as they will come to pass.

Written to prevent the People of England from being farther imposed on by vulgar Almanack-Makers.

By Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq;

It is said, that the Author, when he had writ the following Paper, and being at a Loss what Name to prefix to it; passing through Long-Acre, observed a Sign over a House where a Locksmith dwelt, and found the Name Bickerstaff written under it's. Which being a Name somewhat uncommon, be chose to call himself Isaac Bickerstaff. This Name was sometime afterward made Use of by Sir Richard Steele, and Mr. Addison, in the Tatlers; in which Papers, as well as many of the Spectators, it is well known, that the Author had a considerable Part.

HAving long considered the gross Abuse of A strology in this Kingdom; upon debating the Matter with myself, I could not possibly lay the Fault upon the Art, but upon those gross Impostors, who set up to be the Artists. I know, several learn- ed