228 The TATLER. [No 230.] From Tuesd. Sept. 26. to Thursd. Sept.128. 1710.

From my own Apartment, Sept.127.

THE following Letter has laid before me many great and manifest Evils in the World of Letters which I had overlooked; but they open to me a very busy Scene, and it will require no small Care and Application to amend Errors which are become so universal. The Affectation of Politeness is exposed in this Epistle with a great deal of Wit and Discernment; so that whatever Discourses I may fall into hereafter upon the Subjects the Writer treats of, I shall at present lay the Matter before the World without the least Alteration from the Words of my Correspondent.

To Isaac Bickerstaff Esq;


THere are some Abuses among us of great Consequence, the Reformation of which is properly your Province; though as far as I have been conversant in your Papers, you have not yet considered them. These are the deplorable Ignorance that for some Years hath reigned among our English Writers, the great Depravity of our Tast, and the continual Corruption of our Style. I say nothing here