283 A short Character of his Excellency Thomas Earl of Wharton, Lord Lieutenant of IRELAND. With an Account of some smaller Facts during his Government, which will not be put into the Articles of Impeachment.

London, Aug. 30, 1710.

THE Kingdom of Ireland, being governed by Deputation from hence, its Annals, since the English Establishment, are usually digested under the Heads of the several Governors: But, the Affairs and Events of that Island, for some Years past, have been either so insignificant, or so annexed to those of England, that they have not furnished Matter of any great Importance to History. The Share f="284"> Share of Honour, which Gentlemen from thence have had of their Conduct and Employments in the Army, turneth all to the Article of this Kingdom; the rest which relateth to Politics, or the Art of Government, is inconsiderable to the last Degree; however, it may be represented at Court by those who preside there, and would value themselves upon every Step they make, towards finishing the Slavery of that People, as if it were gaining a mighty Point to the Advantage of England.

Generally speaking, the Times which afford most plentiful Matter for Story, are those in which a Man would least chuse to live; such as under the various Events and Revolutions of War, the Intrigues of a ruined Faction, or the Violence of a prevailing one, and lastly the arbitrary, unlawful Acts of oppressing Governors. In the War, Ireland hath no Share but in Subordination to us; the same may be said of their Factions, which, at present, are but imperfect Transcripts, of ours: But the third Subject for History, which is arbitrary Power, and Oppression; as it is that by which the People of Ireland have for some Time, been distinguished from all her * Queen ANNE. Majesty's Subjects, so being now at its greatest Height under his Excellency Thomas Earl of Wharton, a short Account of his Government, may be of some Use or Entertainment to the present Age, al-though,