Modest Enquiry, &c.

THAT this Enquiry is made by a Private Person, and not by Her Majesty's Attorney-General; and, that such notorious Offenders have met only with an Expostulation instead of an Indictment, will at once be an everlasting Proof of the Lenity of the Government, and of the unprovok'd and groundless Barbarity of such a Proceeding. Amidst the pious Intercessions of Her Majesty's Dutiful Subjects at the Throne of Grace for Her Health and Recovery; That others of them should receive the News of her Death with Joy, and spread it with Industry, will hardly appear probable to any, except to those who have been Witnesses of such vile Practices, not only in Her Majesty's, Capital City, but in several other Places of the Kingdom, not only near Charing-Cross, but at some other Market-Crosses; That their Passion on such an Occasion should prove too unruly even for the Caution demanded in the Belief of News still un- A2