Written in the Year 1720.

THERE is a certain Person lately arrived at this City, whom it is very proper the World should be informed of. His Character may, perhaps, be thought very inconsistent, improbable, and unnatural: However, I intend to draw it with the utmost Regard to Truth. This, I am the better qualified to do, because he is a Sort of Dependant upon our Family, and almost of the same Age; although I cannot directly say, I have ever seen him. He is a Native of this Country, and hath lived long among us; but what appears wonderful, and hardly credible, was never seen before, by any Mortal.

It is true, indeed, he always chuses the lowest Place in Company, and contrives it so, to keep out of Sight. It is reported, however, that in his younger Days he was frequently exposed to View; but Vol.I. S