16 this Point we have nothing to do with English Ministers, and I should be sorry It lay in their Power to Redress this Grievance or to Enforce it: For the Report of the Committee hath given me a Surfeit. The Remedy is wholly in your own Hands, and therefore I have digressed a little in order to refresh and continue that Spirit so seasonably raised amongst you, and to let you see that by the Laws of GOD, of NATURE, of NATIONS, and of your own Country, you ARE and OUGHT to be as FREE a People as your Brethren in England.

If the Pamphlets published at London by Wood and his Journey-men in Defence of his Cause, were Reprinted here, and that our Country-men could be persuaded to Read them, they would convince you of his wicked Design more than all I shall ever be able to say. In short I make him a perfect Saint in Comparison of what he appears to be from the Writings of those whom he Hires to Justifie his Project. But he is so far Master of the Field (let others guess the Reason) that no London Printer dare publish any Paper written in Favour of Ireland and here no body hath yet been so bold as to Publish any thing in Favour of him.

There was a sew Days ago a Pamphlet sent me of near 50 Pages Written in Favour of Mr: Wood and his Coynage, Printed in London, it is not worth answering, because probably it will never be published here: But it gave me an Occasion to reflect upon an Unhappiness we lye under, that the People of England are utterly Ignorant of our Case, which however is no wonder, since it is a Point they do not in the least concern themselves about, farther than perhaps as a Subject of Discourse in a Coffee-House when they have nothing else to talk of. For I have Reason to believe that no Minister ever gave himself the Trouble of Reading any Papers Written in our Defence, because